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 What are Package Plants? Package Plants are compact, efficient sewage treatment systems ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Our systems deliver cost-effective and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment solutions.

Why Choose Us?

* Proven Performance : Our systems are rigorously tested and approved by industry standards.

* Tailored Solutions : Customized to meet your specific needs and capacity requirements.

* Reliable and Robust : Designed for durability and efficiency, ensuring long-term performance.

* Environmentally Conscious: Minimize environmental impact with efficient treatment processes.

Our Commitment - With over 4 decades of water and wastewater experience and 24 years in the package plant industry, we at Scarab Water are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable wastewater treatment solutions. We prioritize customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability in all our projects.

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Our sewage treatment package plants

The SCARAB team designs and installs their brand of package plant throughout South Africa, which was first marketed in mid 2001. A major investment and research program was initiated, resulting, finally, in the first prototype. This new design was installed in mid 2002.

Their system proved to be very effective and reliable and is still operational to this day. See references here

Why Scarab ?

The Scarab is the most advanced, yet simple sewage system on the market. Already been tested in both rural and peri-urban areas throughout Africa, since 2001, it's found to be rugged, reliable, simple to maintain / operate as well as trouble free.

Our systems are well suited for all applications of domestic wastewater treatment and disposal.

We supply mines, schools, clinics, eco-estates, camping sites, game lodges and housing estates. Some of our clients include;

  • DeBeers - Namibia

  • Water Africa - Botswana

  • First Quantum Minerals - Zambia

  • Concor - (Msikaba Bridge - see here)

  • Verloren - Limpopo (40 systems)

  • Lake Leslie, Queensland Au

  • WBHO

  • St Peters Ironbark College - Queensland

  • and many, many more

Multiple awards and referrals in recognition of our technology and dedication from local and international sources provide us with a reputation we offer to you. We can proudly claim that the Scarab is the most recognized sewage treatment brand worldwide.

Sewage package plants

Scarab Sewage package plants for domestic wastewater

Green & Unique

Scarab Water's sewage treatment system stands out as the only known system to achieve general standards compliance in just just seven working days. The treated water is of high quality, clear and odourless, making it ideal for various uses such as garden irrigation, dust suppression, water features, and re-flushing toilets.

Properties with Scarab systems enjoy green, lush landscapes all year round thanks to the efficient irrigation. Installing a Scarab system adds significant environmental value to your property.

It's important to remember that the water coming out of your tap is yours, so why not recycle it and reap the benefits.

Scarab World Water Awards

Scarab World Water Awards for sewage systems

Easy to Maintain

Our Scarab sewage system requires no shut down to service and repair aeration equipment. There are no moving / serviceable parts in the bioreactors. Due to the highly effective aeration design, the bottom of the tank is constantly 'swept', and from this point, de-sludging is an easy task. Many other designs will choke up, and would need to be replaced - giving a service life of less than 5 years. Provided the plant is shielded from the sun, our system could last 25+ years.
Who you choose to supply you rugged, reliable, tested and endorsed, multiple award winning, internationally recognized, passionately crafted, eco-friendly sewage treatment package plants, is your choice.

Domestic sewage treatment plants

Domestic sewage treatment package plants

Simply Compliant

Even though the Scarab sewage treatment plant requires no post-treatment clarifier, it still achieves compliance. This is achieved by using the unique aeration design to sweep the bottom of the tank, ensuring the the air and the water is thoroughly mixed. Oxygen levels are always at the maximum levels, which keeps the bacteria healthy.  In many cases, other systems will choke up and fail, requiring a cleanup / replacement, and downtime. Scarab's Package Plants are self cleaning.  You wont need to shut down for any maintenance work or servicing, and will remain compliant.
Whilst others claim they are working hard to get their "poop product" right, we had already achieved this, way back in 2001. And with our first prototype.

Package plants in South Africa

Scarab package plants in South Africa

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Scarab Sewage treatment systems in Botswana

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Sewage_treatment_system for Rwanda hotel

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Scarab installs sewage treatment systems in mines in Zambia

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