Stinky on the South Coast

Sewage stinks, right?

Navigating the intricacies of sewage system installations can indeed lead to interesting situations. In the case of our second Scarab system on the KZN South Coast in 2004, the client's concern about potential odors prompted us to assure them of an odorless operation—perhaps a tad too hastily.

Upon reaching the installation site, a surprise awaited us. The chosen location was not only in close proximity to the supervisor's kitchen but also featured a braai area just one meter away from the plant. The challenge of balancing promises of odorless functionality with real-world placement issues, is often miscalculated.

This experience underscores the importance of thorough site assessments and open communication with clients to manage expectations effectively. And if this fails, its not a problem - for Scarab.

So, does your sewer system stink? 

Stinky on the South Coast

Did the system ever smell?  Yes, well ,no. In 2016, the supervisor called us to come take a look. The plant was fine.

It was the stinky septic tank. The pipe had blocked, and untreated sewage was overflowing into the storm water drainage. 

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