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The Scarab Team are delighted to announce the launch of their household range of eco-friendly cleaning products in South Africa.

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Scarab Household cleaners sutable for septic tanks and sewage treatment systems

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Scarab's extensive research into general home cleaners revealed that many of the common supermarket products were not environmentally friendly, as many contained chlorine based chemicals. Whilst the public were happy that these products killed 99% of germs, they were also told that it was safe for use in septic tanks. This is not true!!

Septic tanks NEED "germs" to operate in a biological process, and many of these household chemicals promise to kill 99 out of every 100 germs.

Our own range of household products contains ingredients that are environmentally friendly, that will only have a neutral affect on nature.  We know that these products will enhance the performance of all biological systems, including septic tanks, small wastewater treatment plants and the larger municipal treatment systems.

These household cleaners will keep your Scarab system in great condition, and might make other systems smell better.