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Having been in the wastewater industry for the past 40 years, and specializing in the package plant field since 2001, we, at Scarab, feel that many of our clients have benefitted from our honesty and integrity. We would like to thank them all, for their trust in us to provide them with the most sustainable sewage solution.

Many of our customers are first time / only time owners, where they have a need for a solution just once. This would be an important purchase, as they would not need a new sewage system. It is these people that need to be confident in their suppliers reputation.

We dont normally ask for references, as we feel that we do get paid for what we do. When the contract is complete, there is no further obligation from the clients. However, it is important that the client puts it on record, of how they feel about what we promised, and then achieved.  If there were any glitches, this must be addressed promptly, and, to the total satisfaction of the new owner.

We do, however, get the much welcomed return customer, who will require another system for upgrades, or new projects, and this is the proof that we have achieved our goals. Good making new friends, but its great keeping them.

This is what they thought of us.

Our very first Scarab sewage treatment system in Australia. . .what they said!

Lake Leslie near Warwick, Queensland, is a camping / holiday resort.  There was evidence that sewage contamination was leaching into to the dam, and everyone wanted a quick solution. Scarab was chosen.

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